The importance of human resource management

The importance of human resource management

Posted on 20 Jun 2019

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company if you employ staff, you will benefit from having some form of human resource management (HRM). A good HR consultant will help you with the smooth running of your business and will also deal with any issues that arise, nipping problems in the bud, which will potentially save you a lot of time, energy and expense.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, HR management “helps ensure that the various aspects of people management work together to develop the performance and behaviours necessary for creating and distributing value. It means understanding the requirements and interests of a range of organisational stakeholders (business owners, customers, shareholders, employees and wider society) and building an effective framework of sustainable relationships between them.”

HR managers are responsible for a range of matters, including hiring, training and developing staff, as well as, where necessary, dealing with disciplinary issues. They will also work with the Directors to manage the business’s future staffing needs and employment law, as well as help employees,  deal with change management retirement, maternity leave etc.

Hiring new staff

Human resource management is valuable when it comes to the recruitment of new staff and can take a lot of work off your shoulders. An HR consultant will help with all aspects of recruitment including advising on salary, looking at CVs, long-listing and short-listing, interviewing, checking references and drawing up contracts, as well as taking care of the induction process for new staff. Recruiting the best person for the job is essential – if you get it wrong, it could end up as a costly mistake in terms of a dissatisfied employee leaving soon after they’ve started or having to go through the process of asking them to leave.

Staff retention and training

The retention of valued members of staff is essential for a company’s prosperity. Training is a high priority, especially in this fast-paced world – around 40% of employees will leave a new job in the first year if they didn’t get the training they needed to do their job well. With an HR consultant managing your company’s training needs, you are less likely to lose good members of the team.

Your employee benefits package also plays a huge role in staff happiness and motivation. An HR consultant will be able to help you research the benefits strategies that would be best suited to your company and your budget. Staff benefits also include celebrations, team-building activities, social events etc which all help staff to bond and work well together.

Personality clashes

Personality clashes and conflicts are an unfortunate but inevitable part of office life. If this happens at your company, it might not be a good idea for you to get involved. Part of an HR manager or consultant’s role is to mediate when there is conflict – someone outside the immediate department will be seen as more objective, and therefore the issue is likely to be resolved more quickly.


When there is a problem with a member of staff that requires disciplinary action to sort out, effective human resource management is vital. An HR consultant will advise you of any disciplinary measures that need to be carried out and ensure they follow legal requirements to protect you and your business.

Employment law

Finally, an HR consultant will ensure that your business complies with employment law, protecting it by ensuring that every employee has access to their statutory rights.

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