Top 7 core functions of a human resources consultant

Human Resources

Posted on 20 Jun 2019

Human resources have an important function in all businesses. It’s essential for employers to have clear policies to improve trust amongst staff members and promote a working culture that encourages loyalty and productivity.

It is the function of human resources to look after all issues that are to do with your people, to protect your company as well as your staff members by the implementation of and adherence to employment law. This covers the following core functions:


It is the responsibility of an HR manager or consultant to ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in a fair and non-discriminatory way and that the vacancy is filled by the best candidate for the job. This includes taking care that the job advert and job description comply with equal opportunities legislation, and carrying out interviews in a fair way.

Employment contracts

When a successful candidate accepts the job, they will expect to sign a contract of employment which sets out the terms of the relationship. An HR consultant will ensure the contract is signed and the employee understands the terms and conditions of their employment.


As soon as a new employee joins the company, it is HR’s function to organise their induction process and make sure they have everything they need in terms of training, introductions, knowledge, etc.

Sickness, absence and wellbeing

It is HR’s duty to manage attendance problems and, if necessary, investigate the causes of disrupted work patterns or prolonged absence, as well as to conduct return to work interviews. You will also need help when organising maternity and paternity leave, and with the steps, you must take to help female staff in the workplace during and after pregnancy. Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming an increasing part of HR practice – it’s estimated that poor health and wellbeing, including so-called ‘presenteeism’, is costing UK businesses a shocking £61bn a year. An HR consultant can help with awareness and interventions that will reduce your company’s potential losses.

Annual leave

HR must ensure that workers are allocated their statutory leave entitlement, and for part-time employees, it is HR’s function to ensure their annual leave allocation is accurate and fair.

Disciplinary issues

It is the responsibility of the HR consultant to make sure your company is protected by following the correct procedures when dealing with a disciplinary issue or grievance. This includes carrying out investigations into what happened, listening to both sides, keeping notes, deciding on the actions to take and ensuring they happen, and keeping the employee informed by letter at all stages of the process.


Making staff redundant is never going to be a pleasant experience. An HR consultant will help you through the process, making sure the consultation and procedures are carried out lawfully and fairly, and that employees are not being made redundant unfairly.

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