Retained HR Consultants

As your Retained HR Consultant, Helen will support you to address HR issues proactively and to develop an HR strategy to build a high performing workforce that wants to stay and grow with you.

As an important first step, Helen will spend time with you and your senior team to understand your business, it’s challenges and ambitions, and the external environment in which it operates. Day-to-day, she will be at the end of the phone to advise you about HR issues that need nipping in the bud, such as managing discipline, maternity leave or an unexplained absence.

Helen will also have an eye on the long term by supporting you to develop an HR strategy that underpins your company’s objectives, fits your budget and is deliverable.

HR Support & Advice

Getting the basics right

Helen will make sure you have the right processes in place and comply with the law. She will advise on reactive HR issues such as a disciplinary, grievance or absenteeism, and will keep you updated on changes to employment legislation.

HR strategy

HR is pivotal to supporting business growth because, in a small business, your people are your business. As your HR Consultant, Helen will get under the skin of your company and work with you to define what you want to achieve. She will then develop an HR strategy to help you to reach your goals and that helps your business run more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

Your HR objectives will continually evolve as your business grows and responds to changes in the industry and the external environment. They will be defined by you but may include areas such as:

  • People development and training to ensure managers and employees have the right skills to drive and sustain business growth
  • Recruitment and selection support to attract talented individuals efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Compensation and benefits analysis to keep your business competitive in the market
  • Performance appraisal design and implementation to drive individual and business performance and identify training needs
  • Design and delivery of training workshops to develop your senior team in areas such as leadership skills, handling difficult conversations, performance appraisal, and absence management, for example.
  • One-to-one coaching to enable an individual to stand back and learn more about themselves and take the necessary steps to develop in their role and career.

Regular review meetings

Helen will meet you biannually discuss progress against agreed HR objectives, review your HR strategy to make sure it is still relevant, and to make sure she keeps up to date with changes in your business.

Still have some questions? Speak to Helen and find out all you need to know about what an HR consultant can do for your business, get in touch!

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